Friday, 9 November 2012

005 Workshop at Gimnazjum z Oddziałami Dwujęzycznymi, ul.Twarda 8/12, 3rd floor

1. Using Prezi to save time and effort in class
2. Using Windows Live Moviemaker for making class films.
3. Apps for teachers and Apps for Students: eTwinning, Dropbox, Google
Drive, Evernote
4. Best online news, research and class materials resources: Reddit,
9Gag, 4Chan (in order of usefulness)

This is the plan of what I hope to get through, it should be a fun, stimulating day. I've happy to see there will be at least 47 teachers with jobs in the next 20 years. That may sound harsh. It is, but it comes with a big disclaimer:


This is the SMCR model of interpersonal communication. Teachers who don't have the choice of any channel to communicate are placing obstacles between themselves and their teaching practices which do not have to be there.

Today is not about the triumph of electronic tools. It is about the triumph of an integral approach. Good penmanship has its place in the classroom and I predict penmanship, shorthand and other traditional tools of language learning are coming back in a big way over the next 20 years. Just take this with a grain of salt as I haven't a large enough sample to base conclusions of any real validity. You know what they say: If you don't make a prediction, you have zero chance of being right!

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